Membership Benefits

IASI members can access a wide range of events, advice and supports.

Join The IASI

The IASI is proud to have over 35 years of expertise in supporting accommodation industries across Ireland. We understand better than most how this business works. Our members come from all different backgrounds, have expertise in various industries but most importantly they hold an immense passion for the accommodation industry. We as an association make a commitment to all our members to act as supportive body for any assistance that is required. We offer support in many different areas such as training and development, advertising, and networking opportunities. We invite you to be a part of this recognised professional body. 

If you would like to become a member, please do not hesitate to email us now!   

Training & Development

  • Scheduled topical educational training courses on offer throughout the calendar year.
  • All our members are experts in their field so by offering the opportunity for such an open niche communication channel we found that we learn a lot from each other’s expertise.
  • Continuous training and development are offered around Green hospitality and Sustainability. We encourage all our members to work together in effort to improve any green processes and policies they may have in place.
  • The IASI are delighted to be affiliated with Mary Rose I.T Tralee. Our engagement with Mary Rose I.T has led to the development of the much sought-after Accommodation Certification.  


  • Meet and Network with other likeminded professionals in various industries.
  • Opportunity to meet Corporate Members from our extensive list of corporate suppliers.
  • The IASI combines a wide variety of information and resources into one efficient catalogue through our newly launch website and events held throughout the year.
  • Advertise internally with our members i.e., job vacancies and sales and marketing opportunities.
  • The Association encourages feedback, and we allow our members a safe place to air any queries, professionally grievances or concerns they may have.   


  • Award Recognition for all members that wish to join our award system.
  • Award Recognition for a nominated Accommodation Assistant that displays a high level of professionalism, passion, and knowledge of their role.
  • Award Recognition for Green Hospitality. A member who has shown innovation, drive and continuously maintains and improves on their green standards of practice.
  • The IASI Presidential award is nominated through the IASI council members. We recognise a member of the accommodation industry that has contributed to the sector throughout their career. This is a collective decision that highlights one individual who brings a brighter mindset, skillset, knowledge and holds an immense desire for the success of the industry.